Cleveland Painter Irwin Weinberger

imageArtist’s Statement:

Through the study of nature, people and the world at large I have used my powers of expression to find new meanings in art. In nature I find inspiration in the many aspects of light and color that I perceive through my senses. With the work of the French Impressionists I discovered that through painting, sunlight and space could be rendered in a way that would express the sensations I derive in the moment. The feeling one gets when seeing light that falls on a child’s face or the bold color of a flower against a soft sky. With canvas, paint and a lot of perseverance I can recreate the experiences that bring me closer to this natural world. In so doing others may share in the beauty of these paintings and experience their own world in a new and creative way.

I am pleased to announce that I will be having my work on exhibit at Dewey’s coffee shop at Shaker Square. Will open up on Thursday, October 6 and run through most of November. So the next time you need your coffee fix stop by.