Irwin’s Bio

Weinberger studied painting at the University of Maine and the Cleveland Institute of Art. Through his experiences in painting he discovered that nature is really his best teacher. His B.A. degree in art education from Cleveland State University enabled him to begin a teaching career at Kimpton Middle School in Stow, Ohio where he taught art full time for 25 years. Irwin Weinberger has exhibited his artistry in dozens of shows across northeast Ohio where he has won numerous art awards for paintings. His work has been seen in many exhibition venues including the Willoughby School of Fine Arts, Cuyahoga Community College and the Cleveland Museum of Art. He currently spending time at work in his studio at the Artcraft Building, creating new paintings and paying tribute to musicians with his wooden collage cutouts.

Confronting my altar-ego in "Hometown Selfie Portrait".

Confronting my altar-ego in “Hometown Selfie Portrait”.